Writers Hired For Marvel's 'She-Hulk' And 'Moon Night' Disney+ Shows

It's getting tough to keep up with all of the Marvel projects out there, now that they've expanded over to Disney+. Two of the new shows that were announced earlier this year are She-Hulk and Moon Knight, not exactly a pair of A-listers but sure to make a lot of Marvel fans happy. Well, those shows have both taken big steps forward now that they have actual writers to craft these heroes' stories.

THR reports Emmy-winning Rick & Morty writer Jessica Gao has been hired to write Marvel's She-Hulk series, which centers on Bruce Banner's cousin, Jennifer Walters. Walters gains her green skin and super strength from a blood transfusion from the Hulk, but unlike her cousin she maintains her personality and intelligence. An attorney, she's often portrayed as the legal representative of the superhero community, known for her fourth-wall-breaking antics and stints as a member of the Avengers and Fantastic Four. I'm hoping her show will be a combo of superheroics and The Practice-style legal shenanigans. 

Meanwhile, Moon Knight has added Umbrella Academy creator Jeremy Slater as its head writer. The series centers on Marc Spector, mercenary with split personalities who also serves as the conduit for Egyptian moon god Knonshu. Yeah, it's as weird as it sounds.  This should be a crazy show that will, hopefully, elevate the Batman-esque character to greater notoriety. 

Neither show has an official release date.