'The Witcher' Defeats Cancellation Before Getting Started With Netflix Announcing Second Season

Finding out a highly anticipated show has been renewed for a second season before the first even premiers can only be a good thing, right? Fans of The Witcher, the upcoming fantasy series starring Henry Cavil, have cause for celebration as Netflix has announced the series will get a second season even though it won't premier for another few weeks. This must mean that execs have seen the series and are SO sure of its quality that they're willing to spend more to keep it going. Well, that's probably at least partly the case but you have to remember it's Netflix and ratings, which can usually be directly correlated to quality, don't really matter as much. Add to that the news that came out a while back about Netflix's magic 3 season number (they no longer draw new subscribers for a show after 3 seasons, giving them no reason to keep producing a show past that) and you have to temper  your predictions a bit.

I'm not trying to be extra cynical here just pointing out all of the angles, honestly I'm soo cised for this series. I was a huge fan of Cavill's superman and the character of Geralt seems a great fit for someone with so much experience in that medieval type world. I'm sure the show will be great, but this news, while exciting, isn't as huge as it may seem.