The International Poster for 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" has been Released AND Reveals a Returning Character!

I'm sorry....I promise not to clickbait you again, but I really couldn't help myself. The returning character(s) are the porgs, and honestly I never would have noticed them if not for the good folks over at /Film (if you're really interested their in the lower left behind BB8 and DIO). This glorious looking poster doesn't really tell us anything new of note but I'm glad to see certain things are remaining at the forefront, like the Knights of Ren being included en mass. This may be the light side version of the poster, and I'm also probably looking way into things but it's somewhat of note that Kylo Ren appears bathed in both Blue and Red (good and bad). His helmeted visage mostly blue while his silhouetted stance mostly red. This may seem like nothing but historically the line was literally drawn down the middle and the colors have revealed secrets in the past. I don't think Ren's loyalty being in question is a shock to anyone but this stands out as some obvious subliminal trickery.