'The Fugitive' Remake In The Works From 'Menace II Society' Director Albert Hughes

There's already a remake of The Fugitive coming to the Quibi streaming service in bite-sized chunks, but since the number of people who will see it may also be bite-sized, a version for the big screen is also in the works. Deadline reports Menace II Society co-director Albert Hughes will take on a remake of the 1993 classic that starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.

This will be a new take on the film that starred Ford as a doctor who goes on the run to prove his innocence in the murder of his wife. Jones played the federal agent hot on his trail. The original film was directed by Andrew Davis, based on the 1960s television series.

Hughes is best known for his collaborations with his brother Allen on films such as Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, From Hell, and Book of Eli. He went solo for last year's underrated survival thriller Alpha. Writing the script for Hughes' The Fugitive is Brian Tucker, who worked with his brother Allen on 2013's Broken City.

As a die-hard fan of pretty much everything the Hughes Brothers' do, I can't wait to see how this develops. Hopefully, Albert gets some freedom in the casting department and switches things up a little. Maybe add a woman into the mix, or cast a person of color in either main role. I'd love to see Aldis Hodge cast in the fugitive role.