'The Batman': Jayme Lawson's Role Probably Isn't What You Think

With all of the high-profile names being cast in The Batman, the addition of newcomer Jayme Lawson came as a surprise. The catch was that nobody knew who she was playing, which can't be said about her A-list co-stars. There may have been a reason for that, as io9 claims to know what Lawson's role will be, and it's not someone known to be part of DC Comics.

The site has learned that Lawson is playing Bella, "a grassroots political candidate running for office in Gotham."  This would be a brand new character, but still a substantial role based on the initial reporting. Looks as if Matt Reeves is including a political component to his Gotham City mystery, and if that's the case don't be surprised if Harvey Dent aka Two-Face shows up, as well. 

I guess this will quiet down speculation Lawson was playing Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, which many sites jumped to because Jeffrey Wright is playing Commissioner Jim Gordon. I had hoped  she could turn out to be the new female Robin, and you know what? I'm not writing off that possibility. Getting screwed in politics then turning superhero sidekick/vigilante sounds like a feasible course of action.

The Batman opens June 25th 2021.