'Servant' Trailer: Hiring A Nanny Goes Bust In M. Night Shyamalan's Creepy Apple TV+ Series

For those of us who are...let's just call it "child averse", the idea of parenting is inherently scary. Movies don't make it look any better, with more than a handful of films involving creepy kids who either turn out to be serial killers or spawns of Satan. M. Night Shyamalan's new Apple TV+ series Servant plays on these fears of parenthood and looks absolutely terrifying in this brand new trailer.

Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell play a Philadelphia couple who hire a young nanny (Nell Tiger Free) to watch over their son. Sounds innocent enough, except their child is...well, not like other kids. I'll say this, at least he's not a demon spawn or a serial killer. Or at least he isn't in this trailer, but who knows what'll happen by the end of the show's 10-episode run. I don't put anything past Shyamalan or the series' writer and creator Tony Basgallop.

It's also cool to see Rupert Grint in this. He's spent the last couple of years busy on the Snatch series adaptation and seems to have found his niche in the realm of TV. I have a feeling his character will probably die (even in this trailer he looks expendable), but it looks like a fun role nonetheless.

Servant premieres November 28th on Apple TV+.