Paul Thomas Anderson To Direct 1970s Film About A Successful Child Actor

After 2017's Phantom Thread, news has been slight on any new projects from Paul Thomas Anderson.  There were reports earlier this year that Leonardo DiCaprio had passed on a role in something Anderson was putting together, but nothing has come of it. Now we have some idea of what Anderson is doing next, and it's gearing up to start soon.

THR reports Anderson is beginning to cast on an untitled film to begin production early next year. The film is said to take place in 1970s San Fernando Valley and follow a high school student who happens to be a successful child actor.  This is shaping up to possibly be an ensemble project with intersecting storylines, which I suppose could mean a role for DiCaprio? Maybe?  

This is familiar ground for Anderson. Three of his previous films were set in the San Fernando Valley: our namesake Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia, and the greatest movie of all-time Boogie Nights. I hope this also returns Anderson to the creative heights I personally think have been missing from his last couple of projects.