No 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Sequels Planned As Film May Lose $120M

Terminator: Dark Fate begins with a flashback to Sarah Connor's recalling of a vision. That vision is of a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out every man, woman, and child on Earth. That fiery end has indeed come to pass, only it's for the entire Terminator franchise after the latest movie's disappointing debut.

Following the weak $29M domestic, $101M worldwide launch of Terminator: Dark Fate, reports are out that it will lose the involved studios approximately $120M. That would include 20th Century Fox/Disney, Paramount, and Skydance.

I don't like covering stories like this, but this case it's necessary because Skydance, who own the Terminator rights, apparently has no plans on a sequel according to THR.  While we've heard claims like this before, Terminator: Dark Fate was a big, high-profile whiff that saw the film receive mostly good-to-great reviews. They even went so far as to ignore all of those poorly-received sequels and bring Linda Hamilton back to the fold after two decades. This is a clear signal by audiences they don't care about Terminator right now and may not for a long time.

So, Terminator: Dark Fate may have done what nothing else could, and that's make sure Arnold Schwarzenegger does not come back.