Marvel's 'Loki' Casts 'Yesterday' Actress Sophia Di Martino Alongside Tom Hiddleston

Finally, Tom Hiddleston has some company in Disney+'s Loki series. He's been the only castmember confirmed for the show since it was revealed last year, but now Variety reports he'll be joined by Yesterday actress Sophia Di Martino.

Di Martino has joined Loki as Hiddleston's co-star, but it's unclear her role. There's very little we know about it, except that the trickster god, who was last seen vanishing from the timestream holding the Tesseract, will be making his way through various points in history and probably causing trouble. Perhaps Di Martino will an Asgardian companion? I could see her playing a version of the Timebroker, a character in charge of helping to fix broken timelines.

This will be the most high-profile role for Di Martino yet. She had a small role in Danny Boyle's music comedy, Yesterday, and also may have been seen in AMC's Into the Badlands. Joining the MCU is a totally different ball of wax, though.

Loki hits Disney+ in 2021 with Michael Waldron as showrunner.