Joss Whedon's 'Justice League' Reshoots Added 80 New Pages Of Story

Not that calls to see the infamous "Snyder Cut" of Justice League have ever really ceased, they picked up steam with the movie's two-year anniversary last week. The cast took to social media, not to talk up their great experience making the movie, but to draw support for the release of Zack Snyder's version of the box office dud, and not the one we got in theaters that saw significant contributions from Joss Whedon.

It's the extent of Whedon's contributions to Justice League that are being revealed in a NY Times piece. There have been conflicting reports about what he did to the film following Snyder's early departure for personal reasons. Turns out, he did quite a lot, adding 80 pages of new script following a screening of Snyder's cut of the film alongside Straight Outta Compton writer Andrea Berloff and Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg.

It was then decided Whedon would come on to do very extensive reshoots to reflect his new story pages. The changes he made we already have a pretty good idea about; Kiersey Clemons' role as Iris West was cut, along with storylines for woefully underwritten characters Cyborg and the Flash...

“This version gave Gadot and ‘Man of Steel’ holdovers Amy Adams and Diane Lane far more to do, significantly trimmed subplots involving the Flash and Cyborg (one character, a love interest for Miller played by Kiersey Clemons, was cut entirely) and added more jokes.”

I'm amazed that all of this Justice League stuff is being dredged up again. To what end? Warner Bros. has no plans to ever release the Snyder Cut, regardless of the interest in seeing it. If anything, this story just goes to show how much time and money was invested just to see the whole thing flop, and throwing more money at it to appease a small but vocal crowd would be foolish.