DC Films And Series Possibly Headed To HBO Max, The "Snyder Cut" Not Included

It's no surprise when Disney+ was first announced, the biggest projects revealed early on involved Star Wars and Marvel. As the streaming wars get more competitive, each is leaning on their biggest properties to lure in subscribers. Warner Bros. is looking to do the same for HBO Max, with their DC Comics superheroes possibly headed to the streaming platform.

In Variety's comprehensive look at Warner Bros.' future plans, they say HBO Max could become the home of more DC Comics movies and TV series, following a similar model to what Marvel Studios is doing on Disney+.  While you can't expect to live-action projects featuring big guns like Superman and Wonder Woman, lesser-known characters could be in line for their own shows, not to mention live-action films with a budget of around $65M. That number is roughly the cost it took to produce Joker, and we all saw how that turned out. 

Something else you're probably never going to see on HBO Max...or anywhere for that matter, is the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League. Despite constant calls from fans and even cast members, an inside source tells Variety, “That’s a pipe dream. There’s no way it’s ever happening.”

I don't know why anybody ever thought it would. At this point, nothing anybody at WB says is going to stop the hashtags and petitions. It's probably going to take Zack Snyder himself to snuff out this fire, and since it keeps his name out there why would he ever do that?