Ben Stiller And Adam Scott Teaming On Apple TV+ Thriller Series 'Severence'

The rate which new Apple TV+ projects with A-list stars are being announced is quickly measuring up to Netflix, and that's just how it'll be from now on. Both sides will continue to try and one-up the other, but it's Apple who have landed a major blow with the signing of Ben Stiller and Adam Scott for the new series, Severence.

Variety reports Stiller will direct Scott in the Apple TV+ series, Severence, a workplace thriller about a man who works at Lumen Industries, a company attempting to take work/life balance to a new level. Scott will play Mark, an employee with a dark past trying to put himself back together. Sounds kinda lame, but with Scott and still involved it should be interesting, or at least a little bit funny.  Dan Erickson will act as writer and exec-producer.

For Stiller, he's been spending less time in front of the camera than behind it, directing the acclaimed Showtime series Escape from Dannemora. Scott is an old hand on the small-screen with shows such as Party Down, Parks & Rec, and most recently HBO's Big Little Lies

Stiller has directed Scott before in 2013's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I always thought they could easily play brothers and it would be a missed opportunity if something like that doesn't happen. Maybe Stiller can cameo in his own show?