'Under The Skin' Director Jonathan Glazer Reteams With A24 On An Untitled Holocaust Drama

Jonathan Glazer is the opposite of prolific. He's made as many movies since his 2000 film Sexy Beast as Takashi Miike makes in a month. Seven years have passed since Glazer's haunting alien invasion film Under the Skin, and now he's rejoining with A24 for a new project that will use the Holocaust as a backdrop.

Deadline reports Glazer will write and direct an untitled WWII film set during the Holocaust. There aren't any hard details yet, but the story is said to be inspired by Martin Amis’ novel “The Zone Of Interest, which centers on a Nazi officer who falls for the wife of the camp commandant, with deadly consequences.

Glazer has been talking about this film for at least a year, and the partnership with A24 looks to be the thing that has finally moved it forward. This will only be the fourth movie directed by Glazer in nearly two decades, following Sexy Beast, the Nicole Kidman reincarnation thriller Birth, and Under the Skin.