'The Mandalorian' Will Reveal A Major 'Star Wars' Spoiler In The First Episode

With Disney+ launching in a couple of weeks, they really don't need to build more hype for the anticipated streaming service. They have new content coming from all of their blockbuster franchises, and leading the pack is the first-ever live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. The buzz building around that is extraordinary, but Disney has decided to give fans one more reason to salivate over its arrival: there's a giant Star Wars spoiler in the first episode.

The news comes from the New York Times, who say “a dramatic ‘Star Wars’-universe spoiler” will be revealed in The Mandalorian's first episode. They don't give any other details, of course, and don't really need to. The mere suggestion of a huge revelation like that is going to drive Star Wars fans into a fever pitch wondering what it is.

This is interesting because, in general, The Mandalorian is separate from the Skywalker Saga, taking place five years after the Empire's fall in Return of the Jedi and twenty-five years before the First Order arrives in The Force Awakens. Could it be the return of a thought-dead character? Maybe a familial connection we've never suspected?

If the big secret is that someone built yet another Death Star I'm going to be very disappointed.

We'll find out the truth when The Mandalorian arrives on November 12th. Unlike other Disney+ shows, there won't be any advanced screeners for press, so we'll all be learning this shit together.