'Solo' Writer Lawrence Kasdan Knows Who To Blame For The Movie's Failure

Millions of words have already been written about the failure of Solo, the lowest-performing Star Wars movie ever with just $392M. To go back into all of the reasons why would be silly, but suffice it to say there are a number of factors, starting with the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller in favor of Ron Howard. Personally, I dig the film for what it is, which is the first Star Wars movie that isn't a big, sprawling space opera.

One man who has his own theory on who to blame for Solo's disappointing performance is co-writer Lawrence Kasdan. Speaking at the Austin Film Festival, Kasdan talked about how he was pulled into the project grudgingly, and only because he was able to work with his son, Jonathan Kasdan. He added that he had "a very good experience" working on Solo, but that's when somebody went and fucked the whole thing up...

“Then the studio blew it, but that’s not unusual,” Kasdan said.

Unfortunately, Kasdan doesn't say how Disney/Lucasfilm "blew it", but he could mean the movie's marketing campaign. Or perhaps he didn't dig the casting choices? Or the decision to release it just a few months after the divisive The Last Jedi? There's a lot to pick from, honestly, and now that Kasdan has said this he will be drowned with questions from interviewers who want him to elaborate. [Syfy]