Producer Says New 'Jason Bourne' Film In The Works Tying Into 'Treadstone' TV Series

I don't know if people are clamoring for a Jason Bourne cinematic universe, but there appears to be one in the works. Later this month USA Network will launch their TV series Treadstone, a prequel spinoff centering on the titular shadowy government agency and a new breed of sleeper agents as they begin to wake up. While you won't see Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, or even any of the familiar actors within Treadstone, the ties to Jason Bourne are key, and according to a producer are leading to a brand new movie.

Producer Ben Smith, who has worked on the Bourne movies as well as Treadstone, says that new film is in the works and he isn't shy about revealing its connection to the TV series...

“I mean we are definitely working on another film. What we’re doing within that? Will there be connected tissue in terms of are we all existing within the same world and universe? Absolutely. The details of that are still under wraps.”

I don't know whether to take him seriously or just look at this as an attempt to get people to watch the show. My gut tells me it's the latter. When Damon was finally convinced to return for Jason Bourne in 2016, the results were underwhelming creatively, leading the actor to suggest that people were "done" with the character.

So color me skeptical on this one, but it's incentive to maybe give Treadstone a shot on October 15th, which means Smith did his job, I guess.