Mirren and McKellen Show that Age Is Just A Number in the Trailer for 'The Good Liar"

Don't let that headline image fool you, this isn't a story about two people finding love at the twilight of their time. At least....I don't think it is. To be honest I'm still not positive what this film is about, I just know I have to see it now. Ian McKellen appears to play an elderly conman/hitman and Mirren his mark, who may not be the mark she appears to be. I was sold on McKellen and Mirren alone but any trepidation I had was sated by the quick shot of Ian McKellen so smoothly diverting a security camera before pushing someone in front of a train with an aire of Brit class that only he could provide. Mirren appears to have landed a role that was made for her at this stage of her career showcasing that odd mix of presence that no other 60+ actress working has. I mean, can you honestly tell me that she doesn't, on one hand appear to be a sweet grandma but on the other be sexy and dangerous at the same time....those things....they're not supposed to go together.

Check the trailer out below and look for The Good Liar in theaters on November 15th, 2019