'Les Misérables' Trailer: Paris Burns In France's Official Oscar Selection

You might be wondering why the world needs yet another Les Misérables, one of the most recognizable and oft-adapted Broadway plays ever. It hasn't been that long since Tom Hooper's musical earned eight Oscar nominations and won three. At least this latest version from Mali filmmaker Ladj Ly appears to be altogether different from any recent take on Victor Hugo's 19th-century novel.

Ly jettisons the musical component and finds inspiration in the 2005 French riots. The story follows Stéphane, played by Dunkirk actor Damien Bonnard, who joins an anti-crime brigade in Paris only to discover that tensions among the neighborhoods are at an all-time high.

The film made quite a splash at Cannes earlier this year, competing for the Palme d'Or and winning a Jury Prize. The response to it has been so great it was chosen as France's Oscar selection in the Best International Feature Film category.

SYNOPSIS: Stéphane, has recently joined the Anti-Crime squad in Montfermeil, a sensitive district of the Paris projects. Paired up with Chris and Gwada, whose methods are sometimes unorthodox, he rapidly discovers the tensions between the various neighborhood groups. When the trio finds themselves overrun during the course of an arrest, a drone begins filming every move they make. 

 Les Misérables will be released by Amazon next year on January 10th.