James Wan Has A 'Dylan Dog' TV Series In The Works

James Wan is indulging in his love of paranormal superhero comics and bringing them to the small screen. First there was his Swamp Thing series, and now Dylan Dog is in the works based on the Italian comic book.

Wan and his Atomic Monster label will produce a Dylan Dog TV series, which will be live-action and run for 10 episodes. in the comics, Dylan Dog is a "nightmare investigator" who solves crimes involving ghouls, ghosts,  and other night terrors. He's known for his anti-bourgeous reflected in his simple attire of blue jeans, black jacket, and red shirt.

The Dylan Dog have been published for more than three decades, and spawned a couple of adaptations. Most notable of them is 2011's Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, which starred Brandon Routh in the lead role. I remember it fondly because I was literally the only person in the theater that day, and the owner told me nobody else had bought any tickets for it the entire run. Suffice it to say, the film did not do well at the box office. The 2011 film Cementary Man starred Rupert Everett and was loosely based on Dylan Dog.

The series has no network or writers at this point, so it's a long ways off. Wan is busy directing his first horror in years, Malignant, and may pick up on Dylan Dog when that's finished.