James Gunn Says He Chose 'The Suicide Squad' But Was Offered "Whatever" Film He Wanted

This could have been a very different time for James Gunn, a much sadder one, following on his firing from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 because of some old controversial tweets. But Gunn has bounced back in a major way, due in no small part to a devoted fanbase who love his offbeat style and eclectic musical tastes, so prominent to what he's brought to the MCU. Not only is was Gunn rehired by Disney to direct the film he was originally let go from, but before that he was courted by Warner Bros. who, it turns out, were willing to give him the run of the place.

Gunn hit Instagram to answer a bunch of fan questions, and it was there he revealed that Warner Bros. didn't specifically hire him to write and direct The Suicide Squad, but that he was given his choice of anything and that's what he picked...

“I was basically offered whatever I wanted. I most wanted to do ‘Squad,’” Gunn said.

And he clearly has no regrets. Answering another fan question on the most challenging films of his career, Gunn said he's having the most fun ever on The Suicide Squad, while the most challenging movie may come as a surprise to you...

“They’re all challenging." “‘Super’ was physically brutal – so much movie and so little time to shoot it. [‘Guardians of the Galaxy] Vol. 1’ was scary because I didn’t know if people would get the vibe. ‘Vol. 2’ was the hardest because of my mental state. [‘The Suicide] Squad’ is the most complex and biggest but also the most fun so far. So I guess overall ‘Vol. 2.’”

I would say GOTG 2 is also one of his least successful movies, and maybe now we have an idea why. Anyway, I just find it really cool that out of all the DC Comics characters Gunn could've chosen he went with Suicide Squad. Not Superman, or Batman, but the team of expendable supervillains and D-list heroes. It should be a perfect fit, but we will find out on August 6th 2021.