Clive Owen Reunites With Julianne Moore For Stephen King's 'Lisey's Story' Series

The flurry of Stephen King project is largely connected to the explosion of new subscriber streaming services, which are raiding the author's popular works for content. Apple TV+ has gotten into the game with a series adaptation of Lisey's Story, which boasts JJ Abrams as a producer, King as screenwriter on each episode, and Oscar winner Julianne Moore in the lead role. As if that amount of talent wasn't impressive enough, Moore has now been joined by someone she's quite familiar with, her Children of Men co-star Clive Owen.

Owen is the latest to join the cast of Lisey's Story, which centers on the titular wife of a novelist as she comes to grips with his death and the memories she had suppressed about him. A parallel story tells her husband's life as remembered by Lisey.  Owen will play Lisey's husband, Scott. The story is a deeply personal one for King, springing from an event in his own life after being seriously injured in an accident.

This marks a return to series work for Owen, who starred in Steven Soderbergh's The Knick to critical acclaim. He can be seen in theaters now opposite Will Smith in Gemini Man. Owen could use a career reboot, if you ask me, and maybe something like Lisey's Story is the ticket to do that. [Deadline]