'Antlers' Trailer: A Young Boy Feeds A Hungry Beast In Scott Cooper And Guillermo Del Toro's Creepy Horror

Holy sh*t this is trailer for Antlers is messed up. When a trailer begins with a creepy kid killing a skunk and taking it home as food for a mysterious captive, you know you're in for a crazy ride. It's exactly the kind of twisted horror you'd expect Guillermo Del Toro's name to attached to. He's on board as a producer, with Out of the Furnace and Hostiles director Scott Cooper making his first real foray into the genre.

Something evil has begun to infect a small Oregon town, while that same weird kid (played by Jeremy T. Thomas) gets a hobby capturing, killing, and carving up animals to serve whatever that thing is being kept in his house.  Keri Russell plays a schoolteacher involved in this grotesque situation, with Jesse Plemons as her sheriff brother.

Cooper removes virtually all dialogue in favor of building the ominous atmosphere, including a truly horrific shot of someone transforming into a creature with, yep, huge antlers! I have a feeling Cooper may have found his calling.

Also starring Graham Greene, Scott Haze, and Rory Cochrane, Antlers hits theaters on April 18th 2020!