Alexander Payne's Untitled Netflix Film Canceled Over Rights Issues

When Netflix locked down Alexander Payne for a new drama on Danish journalist Karl Ove Knausgarb, it seemed they had found yet another movie that could be a future awards hopeful. And it might've been; Payne has a pretty good track record in that regard, but that would require the movie to actually happen. Which it's not, due to an unexpected rights issue.

Deadline reports that Payne's untitled film has been canceled mere days from the start of production. The reason is Knausgarb, the journalist whose road trip across America with his daughter forms the heart of the story. Knausgarb's contract allowed him an out to pull the plug at any time that he sees fit, and that's what he's done. Seems he's not ready for his story to be made into a movie. At least not yet.

Mads Mikkelsen had been cast as Knausberg, which is about as good as it gets if someone is going to play you in a movie. Pretty sure Knausberg had no problem with that part of it.

To do this film Payne had set aside another project, his culinary satire The Menu, which was to star Emma Stone. Perhaps he'll return to it now that he's got this open window?