Three Actors With Hidden Talents

Many actors can be seen doing what they love outside of the theater as well.

Many actors can be seen doing what they love outside of the theater as well. Acting is a demanding job, as those who do it need to get into character and memorize scripts and sometimes change their appearances to perfect the roles that they are destined to play on screen. But being an actor is still a job, which means that those who do it may do other things during their down time. These actors, for example, have hidden talents that make them more interesting than the characters they play in some cases.

Bruce Willis, harmonica player

When it comes to Bruce Willis, who has starred in movies such as The Sixth Sense, it's unlikely you'd think of him as a musician. But Willis is actually an accomplished harmonica player, to the point that he has worked with some big names in the music industry at shows without feeling out of place whatsoever.

Known for his roles in many action and suspense thriller films, Willis is known as someone who can tear it up on the harmonica. He has played with the likes of music legends such as BB King, with those lucky enough to be in attendance for that show getting to see a legend in music and a legend in film collaborating.

Willis has even played at the legendary Apollo Theater, an honor that most musicians would consider their crowning achievement. For Willis, though, it was just a chance to show off a talent that not many knew that he had.

Jennifer Tilly, poker player

Acting is all about putting on a different face to achieve the desired result, which in some ways is a lot like playing poker. And actress Jennifer Tilly has found success doing both, as she can both act and play poker proficiently, using her acting skills in a way that has been beneficial both on and off screen.

Tilly, known for her work in films in the Chucky series, isn’t just someone who plays the game recreationally either. She has won events that full-time professionals would love to win, despite the fact that she is a working actress. Her success has led to increased participation of actors in tournaments and has made her one of the most interesting people at any table she plays at.

Jennifer Tilly's hidden talent is something that should come naturally to actors, as poker shares some of the necessary skills that actors need in order to be successful. And she has shown that she can use those crossover abilities by winning high-level tournaments and showing that she is much more than an actor.

Harrison Ford, Pilot

In the Indiana Jones movie franchise, iconic scenes show Indiana Jones and his crew attempting to get to their plane to escape those they are trying to get away from during their travels. But did you know that the star of those movies was actually capable of flying a plane? Yes, Harrison Ford is an actual licensed pilot, a fact that will have fans look at his character in those iconic films in an entirely different way.

While Ford wasn’t actually flying any of the planes that were depicted in the Indiana Jones franchise, he is capable of getting planes into the sky and keeping them there as a pilot. And Ford isn’t just someone who knows how to fly, he is someone who has won awards for it too. While an aviation award might not mean as much as an Oscar might, it still shows that when it comes to taking to the skies, Harrison Ford has clearly got some skills.

These thespians are all people who have captivated us with their ability to perform in films. But their ability to do amazing things off screen is often just as impressive, given the amount of time and energy it takes to perfect things like flying a plane or playing an instrument. To be able to do those things while being a part of the movies we love is nothing short of incredible.