'The Reliant' Trailer: Kevin Sorbo Owns The Libs With Extreme Fu**ing Prejudice

I'm not one to say the gun debate is in any special need for nuance, but certainly it doesn't deserve to be riddled with bullet holes by the likes of Kevin Sorbo. But that's exactly what the former Hercules does in his latest explosion faith-based righteousness, The Reliant, in which the country turns upside down, Red Dawn-style, after guns are outlawed by the government.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

I guess this is a semi-positive spin on the "bad guys don't obey gun laws" argument some conservatives like to use? Somehow they seem to also be saying that guns are some kind of gift from God, which may explain why Jesus gunned down all those folks who were trying to crucify him. Wait, is that not how the story went? Been a while since Sunday School.

Presumably, the foreign terrorist stand-ins for this movie are a bunch of God-hating liberals, or Antifa (??) who are notorious for rampaging through city streets murdering their ideological rivals.  I'll be sure to remind the citizens of Charlottesville about that.

And poor Eric Roberts and Brian Bosworth, what are you doing in this? Shit's been hard, I know, but hanging out with Sorbo is no way to go through life, guys.

There's an actual synopsis, too. Apparently, this is really a movie about the bonds of family, not about owning the libs in the way it says to in the Bible, by putting a bullet in their head. Ugh.

SYNOPSIS:  Alone and vulnerable, the children’s faith and family bonds are pushed to the limit, especially those of the eldest daughter, Sophie (Mollee Gray), who questions the morality of gun ownership but soon learns that in God all things are good, including her family’s Second Amendment right to defend themselves.

And if this trailer is just too violent for you, they released a version called the "Faith Trailer" a couple of months ago. Perhaps focusing on faith and family wasn't generating enough buzz so they turned to fear of a gun-free world, instead? It's a shame those are the only two options for this movie's core audience! Maybe that's why the writer tried to give away an AR-15 as part of a promo effort for the movie two years ago. That's right, this crowd-funded piece of crap finished filming in 2016 and has been on ice ever since. Thanks, Obama!

The Reliant will hit theaters for one night only (always a good sign) on October 24th. My ticket is bought, what about yours?