'Raising Dion' Trailer: Michael B. Jordan's Kid Has Super Powers In Netflix's Drama Series

Man cannot live on Marvel alone. Complaints about "superhero fatigue" have largely fallen by the wayside, as the genre only keeps growing in popularity. But for those who like stories about superhumans but need something with a little more substance, a touch of real-life resonance, there's been an advancement in projects offering just that. The Netflix series Raising Dion looks to be one of them, as it mixes grounded domestic issues with a dose of the extraordinary.

While Michael B. Jordan is the biggest name involved, he's mainly a producer and only has a small role. The show stars Alisha Wainwright as Nicole, a mother who already has it rough raising her son Dion (Ja'Siah Young) all by herself, but thrown his burgeoning superhuman abilities and life gets a lot more complicated.  Jason Ritter co-stars, with Carol Barbee as writer and showrunner.

SYNOPSIS: Raising Dion follows the story of a woman named Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), who raises her son Dion (newcomer Ja’Siah Young) after the death of her husband, Mark (Michael B. Jordan). The normal dramas of raising a son as a single mom are amplified when Dion starts to manifest several mysterious, superhero-like abilities. Nicole must now keep her son’s gifts secret with the help of Mark’s best friend Pat (Jason Ritter), and protect Dion from antagonists out to exploit him while figuring out the origin of his abilities.

Raising Dion arrives on Netflix on October 4th.