Marvel's 'Hawkeye' Series Targets 'Mad Men' Writer Jonathan Igla

Just as Clint Barton is probably the most underappreciated member of the Avengers, the Hawkeye series on Disney+ hasn't been getting the same attention as others. With Hawkeye supposedly passing the torch to Kate Bishop, this could be a crucial part in setting up the MCU's future which means the right talent has to be behind it. Bringing in a writer from an award-winning show like AMC's Mad Men seems like a good place to start.

THR reports Mad Men writer and story editor Jonathan Igla has been hired to write and exec-produce Hawkeye. The show will find Clint Barton trying to teach Kate Bishop what it takes to be a non-powered hero in a super-powered world. That's a terrific idea for a series, and Igla may be just the right guy to do it. He was also a writer and producer on the short-lived Fox drama, Pitch, which centered on the first female athlete to play Major League Baseball. The female-centric focus could be right up Igla's alley. Here's hoping Marvel turns to some of the many amazing women directors to actually helm the series.

Hawkeye is set to launch in fall 2021 on Disney+.