If Kristen Stewart Plays A Superhero, She Wants It To Be A Gay One

Kristen Stewart is back. Okay, she never really went away but, as someone who considers himself a fan, it's good to see her in movies people will actually pay to see. Not only does she have Charlie's Angels coming up, but also the deep sea thriller Underwater, and at TIFF she recently premiered Seberg, in which she plays French New Wave actress and FBI target Jean Seberg. However, if you want to ever see Stewart play a superhero, there's just one thing she's going to demand.

Recently, Stewart caused a stir when she brought up the homophobic advice given about her career. Basically, she needed to tone down her sexuality if she ever wanted to score a lead in a Marvel movie. Obviously, Stewart hasn't shied away from who she is, and even now when taking on big movies again, she's still not willing to compromise. In a conversation with Variety, Stewart clarifies that she wasn't targeting Marvel specifically, saying "it was literally just a big conglomerate-y type thing,"

“That’s been a conversation that’s always existed,” Stewart continued. “I’ve always radically rejected it. It’s nice to be able to talk about that in a way that people really understand now.” 

So what kind of superhero would Stewart choose?

"A gay one!", she responded.

Oh, cool. I would've loved to see her as Renee Montoya in Birds of Prey.

Her Seberg co-star, and MCU vet, Anthony Mackie chimed in, “I think she should be the gay female Falcon Captain America.”

Make it happen, Marvel.