Disney+ May Have Marvel's Awesome '90s Animated Classics Like X-Men, Spider-Man, And More

This had me so pumped I didn't want to post it until 100% confirmed, but since that could take a while decided to just go with it and hope for the best. Basically, Disney+ could be getting even more amazing than it already looks to be, especially at the low price of $6.99 monthly. According to a Reddit user in Europe who is beta testing the service, it will include the classic Marvel/Fox animated shows that many of us grew up on in the '90s

That means we could be getting the awesome X-Men animated series, plus the 1996 Spider-Man cartoon! Also included were Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Spider-Woman, and more! *swoon*  That was such a great time for comic book fans to see their favorite characters in high-quality animated shows that presented some of the best storylines in a way that was easy to follow. I know so many people who were first introduced to the X-Men through the cartoon and remains of Marvel today.

To be clear, this is the Netherlands version of Disney+, and international rights being what they are could mean we get something different. Let's just hope that's not the case. Even if it is, we'll always have the greatest opening credits in the history of comic book cartoons. Goddamn, Gambit has never been so cool.