Box Office: 'Downton Abbey' Proves Relevance, Takes in $31M and #1 Spot

1. Downton Abbey (review)- $31M
The brit-hit has been off headlines for some time now but that didn't seem to affect it's draw as Downton Abbey has pulled off the #1 spot over both Brad Pitt and John Rambo. I'm torn on this, as it's undoubtedly a quality film judging by those who've seen it but it's impossible to deny that this may lead to more TV shows that are years gone being made into films. #Community6SeasonsandaMovie
2. Ad Astra(review)- $19.2M
Brad Pitt's critically proven astronaut film took a not quite impressive second place showing that, these days, it's more about the film then the star. He may have ruled the box office with Tarantino and DiCaprio by his side, but this time he was beaten by a gaggle of old British ladies.
3. Rambo: Last Blood (review)- $19M
The time of John Rambo is gone. Audiences these days just don't want to guy out for revenge against a generic enemy it appears. While it only missed second place by about 200k it's clear that this should have been Rambo's last outing.
4. IT: Chapter 2- $17.2M/$179M
5. Hustlers- $17M/$62.5M
6. The Lion King (2019)- $2.5M/$537.5M
7. Good Boys- $2.5M/$77.3M
8. Angel Has Fallen- $2.4M/$64.6M
9. Overcomer- $1.5M/$31.5M
10. Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw- $1.4M/$170.6M