Ansel Elgort's Mom Loved 'The Goldfinch', So Why Didn't Critics?

Oh, Ansel. I like ya, kid. But stop it.

Ansel Elgort is really upset that critics didn't like his latest movie, The Goldfinch. Currently, the adaptation of the bestselling novel sits at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, not that you should take that score as gospel or anything. And to be fair, it does have a 73% among audiences who checked it out. But Ansel thinks there was this vast group meeting among movie critics to, I don't know, just sorta decide to hate on the movie.

I can tell you, that we are way too disorganized to ever put something like that together. Time zones are a bitch.

The actor took to Instagram and, while he was kind enough to assert that all of the bad reviews written about The Goldfinch were "well-written" (He's too kind, and a liar. A lot of them stink.), that critics just decided to hate the movie because it's easier to write bad reviews than good. Or something.

“Critics usually are really great writers and they have to kind of choose a side. They decided that pointing out everything wrong with the film is the best way to write their reviews, their articles. They are all great articles, too. All the bad reviews are well written but there is a lot of good in the film, too.”

As anybody who does anything creative can tell you, bad reviews come with the territory. But there's only one critic that truly matters and that's dear ol' mom. As long as she supports you and your work, nothing else matters. Right?

“The film does work. People who see it, enjoy it and are moved by it. The most important person it moved for me was my mother, and she’s not moved by all my films. She really liked this one, which made me really like it, too. So it’s still in theaters, take your mom", Elgort added.

Hey, if your mom seems like the kind of person who will love The Goldfinch, with its unfortunate casting decisions, deathly seriousness, and unbelievable plotting, then, by all means, treat her to it. But if she hates it, make sure you find Ansel Elgort on social media and let him have it.