'Treadstone' Trailer: 'Jason Bourne' Spinoff Series Has Multiple Spies Going Rogue

Remember that Jason Bourne spinoff that didn't feature Matt Damon? No, I'm not talking about The Bourne Legacy...you even still remember that? Wow.  No, I'm talking about Treadstone, the USA Network TV series that was put into production last year. Well, it's due to hit the small screen in a few weeks and now we have the first trailer, so if you ever wanted to know what those desk jockeys following Bourne around all these years are really like, this show is for you.

Treadstone follows the basic idea of the Bourne franchise, which is that a sleeper agent awakens and becomes a super badass uncontrolled by his government handlers. In this case, there are multiple super-spies out there, one of which is played by Jeremy Irvine who is definitely not Matt Damon. The rest of the central cast includes Brian J. Smith, Omar Metwally, Tracy Igeachor, Han Hyo-joo, Michael Gaston, and the always-terrific Michelle Forbes. Patrick Fugit will also have a recurring role.

The show was created by Tim Kring, best known for NBC shows Crossing Jordan and Heroes.

Treadstone premieres on the USA Network this October.