Tom Hardy May Have Confirmed Andy Serkis As 'Venom 2' Director

Is Andy Serkis directing the Venom sequel? It kinda looks that way. Over the weekend we learned that Serkis was on the short list of candidates to direct Tom Hardy in the Spider-Man spinoff flick. And it's Hardy who appears to have confirmed Serkis' hiring in a since-deleted post on Instagram...

I mean...this could be nothing? What's with the spade and fire emoji? Maybe he's just really good at playing cards?

Hardy is stoking rumors here, and that he deleted it suggests no deal with Serkis has been finalized. It's also possible Serkis takes on an acting role rather than a directing one. While he's unquestionably the most renowned motion-capture actor in cinematic history, Serkis has directed some quality films in Breathe and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. If he's won the Venom 2 gig it would be an upgrade from Ruben Fleischer, that's for sure. In the past he's taken a keen interest in Hardy's maniacal performance, and would have some insight in making it even better.