The Marvel Zombies Are Coming To Disney's 'What If...?' Series

The cool thing about the What If...? comics and, presumably, the upcoming Disney+ animated series, is that you can do literally anything. It's like Marvel's version of Black Mirror, and I think has the same kind of potential to reach audiences beyond your die-hard superhero fan. Marvel's Kevin Feige dropped some more details on the show at D23 last night, and what you really need to takeaway from it is this:

The Marvel Zombies are coming.

In the footage shown, we see a zombified Captain America in battle against his pal Bucky, confirming the arrival of the fan-favorite Marvel Zombies. The popular comic was introduced as basically a random special event, but readers loved seeing their favorite heroes as zombies so much it grew into a regular event.

The D23 presentation showed off a few more potential What If...? storylines, including Peggy Carter getting the Super Soldier serum and becoming Captain Britain, a skinny Steve Rogers piloting an Iron Man suit, and Jeffrey Wright narrating the series as Uatu the Watcher.

All of the characters that appear will be voiced by the actor who plays them in the MCU, so we get to hear Chris Evans' take on a zombie Captain America. Feige confirmed that all of Marvel's 23 movies will have a What If...? storyline dedicated to it, which is pretty damn cool.

What If...? is expected to arrive in summer 2021.