Taika Waititi Has A Mystery Film To Direct Before 'Thor: Love & Thunder'

Suddenly, Taika Waititi is one of the busiest directors around. Thor: Ragnarok elevated his career to a whole new level, so much so that he's coming back to the MCU for the recently-confirmed Thor: Love and Thunder. But before he returns to Asgard (or what's left of it), Waititi has one more stop he needs to make.

Variety reports Waititi will squeeze in another movie before he tackles Thor: Love and Thunder. We don't know anything about this "secret" project except that it will be with Fox Searchlight, the studio behind Waititi's upcoming Nazi satire Jojo Rabbit.

With this awards season locked down for Jojo Rabbit, and Thor 4 in November 2021, it's likely we can expect Waititi's mysterious film sometime in 2020.