'Promare' Trailer: Studio Trigger Takes Mecha Firefighting Action To The Extreme

Forget Backdraft. Ladder 49 what? Those firefighting flicks have NOTHING on Promare, the scorching hot debut feature from Studio Trigger. They're the folks behind acclaimed titles Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia, while director Hiroyuki Imaishi got his start working on Neon Genesis Evangelion. You'll see the influence in this incredible first trailer.

Looking like Patlabor and Gundam Wing had a cel-shaded spawn, Promare takes place in a world half-destroyed by a pyrokinetic race known as the Burnish. Decades later, the Burnish have mostly been wiped out, until the emergence of the "Mad Burnish", a new and aggressive group of mutants. A war erupts between "Burning Rescue", an anti-Burnish team featuring new recruit Galo Thymos, and the mutants led by Lio Fotia.

Yeah, okay, whatever, the trailer is confusing as Hell but I'm sure it'll sort itself out when GKids releases it next month. This is a big, bold move for Imaishi, a co-founder of Studio Trigger who has been grinding in the anime scene for years. If this hits in both Japan and the U.S., expect to see a lot more like this.

GKids will release Promare through Fathom Events on September 17th (dubbed) and September 19th (subbed) as a special event, followed by a limited release on September 20, 2019. You can pre-order tickets now right here.