New 'Star Wars Resistance' Trailer Reveals Season 2 Will Be Its Last

Following the beloved Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, there was a lot of anticipation for Disney's animated Star Wars Resistance. It never quite caught on with fans, however. Maybe it was the animation style, which was heavily anime-influenced and different from what many were used to. Maybe it was the location, aboard a remote space station similar to Deep Space 9. Whatever it was, the arrival of a new trailer for season two comes with confirmation that it will be the series' last.

Season two continues the adventures of Kaz, a spy working for the Resistance, and other members of the space station Colossus which is now lost in space and pursued by the First Order...

“The final season of Resistance takes place during The Last Jedi and leading up to the events of The Rise of Skywalker,” a Disney rep told EW. “With the movie coming up in December, this was a natural place to end the show with an epic finale.”

I think it's safe to say we'll see what's left of the Colossus crew survive long enough to join the remaining Resistance forces for a final assault seen in The Rise of Skywalker. I had a hard time getting into the show, and can barely remember any key events from it. The stakes never felt legit to me, and Kaz never felt like a character who should have prominence in the world of Star Wars. Now that it will tie-in much closer to the movies I can already see where they are bringing more thrills and more action, so let's hope it goes out with a bang.

SYNOPSIS: The story picks up after a harrowing escape from the First Order, as the Colossus and all its residents find themselves lost in space, pursued by Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre. Kaz and team also face a myriad of new dangers along the way including bounty hunters, a suspicious Hutt, General Hux, and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, Tam grapples with her future and where her true allegiance lies, with her friends or the First Order. The thrilling final season will showcase how the unlikeliest of heroes can help spark hope across the galaxy.

Star Wars Resistance returns to Disney XD on October 6th.