Michael Bay Reteams With 'Transformers' Writer For Action Flick 'Black Five'

Are you ready? Hold on to your seats, or your keyboards or whatever. But Michael Bay is making an action movie. Actually, he's following up one action movie, Netflix's Six Underground, with yet another one, and while the title Black Five suggests it's a prequel or something, it's definitely not.  It will, however, reunite Bay with Transformers writer Ehren Kruger. Rejoice?

Bay will direct Black Five, which THR describes as an ensemble thriller about an elite military team with advanced tech. Um...awesome? We don't know much else about it, but let's just assume for now that there will be lots of guns and explosions? Perhaps some slow motion, 360-degree rotations, etc.?

The combo of Bay and Kruger have made a lot of money on three Transformers movies; Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, and Age of Extinction. It could also be said they ran that franchise into the ground. Black Five is being set up at Sony who could only hope they make a few billion dollars for them, too. 

Bay is currently wrapping up on Six Underground which stars Ryan Reynolds.  After that, he'll jump right into Black Five, so expect to hear some casting news soon.