Marvel And ABC Developing New Series With "Mostly" New Female Superhero

Has the sting of losing all of your favorite Marvel/Netflix shows eased up yet? It should, because it's not as if there's a lacking of other shows to choose from, especially with Disney+ coming up. But the other channels Marvel TV has a relationship with will continue to offer superhero programming, and it looks like ABC has something new in the works.

According to Deadline, ABC is looking to extend its small-screen partnership with sister brand for a new series centering on a female Marvel hero who ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke says is "brand new, mostly."  What the heck does that mean? This is different from the series they greenlit last year from Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg, but like that one it will continue the network's commitment to female-led programming.

This all comes to a head as ABC's long-running Agents of SHIELD heads toward its seventh and final season. They clearly don't want to go long without a Marvel show on the network, and while other attempts such as Agent Carter and Inhumans failed, the upside is huge if it hits.

So when they say the character is "mostly" new, what does that mean? A new actor in a role we've seen before? Like an Elektra series, maybe? Or a recast Jessica Jones? Or, and this will could get people excited, but what about Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD? I can see that happening.