Beanie Feldstein To Play Monica Lewinsky In FX's 'Impeachment: American Crime Story'

With the drumbeat to impeachment banging louder in regards to the current occupant of the White House, there has been renewed attention on the previous President to face it: Bill Clinton. That this embarrassing chapter in our history would be the subject of the next season of American Crime Story has been a rumor for months, but it has now been confirmed by FX (via Variety) at the recent TCA panel presentation, with info on who will be playing one of the scandal's most unforgettable figures.

Booksmart breakout Beanie Feldstein will play Monica Lewinsky in Impeachment: American Crime Story, centering on President Bill Clinton's extramarital affair with the young intern. Sarah Paulson will play Linda Tripp, who became infamous for her part to play in exposing the affair. Good luck to Paulson in capturing Tripp's gravelly voice. Annaleigh Ashford will play Paula Jones, who sued Clinton for sexual harassment and opened the door to special counsel Ken Starr broadening his investigation well beyond its original scope. Let's not forget, Starr's investigation was initially about financial dealings related to Whitewater, but he and others in the Republican Party kept digging until they found something, anything, to tar the popular Clinton with.  They went to extreme length to publicize every humiliating detail, making blue dresses and cigars euphemisms for lewd behavior throughout the '90s.

The series is based on a book by Jeffrey Toobin, with Sarah Burgess hired to write the script. Production is expected to begin early next year.

I skipped the season focused on Gianni Versace's murder, but loved how the first season gave a fresh perspective on the OJ Simpson trial. The Clinton scandal is right in my wheelhouse, too, as it's the moment I first realized how deeply partisan our politics really are. The humiliation heaped on Bill Clinton back then was later used to turn people against Hillary Clinton in her run for President in 2016, even though she had nothing to do with it. I'm curious to see who is cast to play ol' Bill, but based on this show's track record it'll be someone perfect for the role.