Zack Snyder And Netflix Team For Anime Series Based On Norse Mythology

The Snyder Cut is coming! Kinda. Okay, not at all, but we are getting something new from Zack Snyder as part of his continued relationship with Netflix. This won't be a feature like his upcoming zombie film, Army of the Dead, but will be an anime series inspired by Norse mythology.

Snyder is teaming up with frequent collaborator Jay Oliva for an anime series for Netflix that will be set in the world of Norse mythology, making this probably the only time he'll get anywhere near Thor. Oliva will act as director and showrunner, while Snyder and his wife Deborah will produce.

This will be Snyder's first foray into serialized television, although he very nearly made a Watchmen series for HBO.  The show would instead be picked up and retooled under the guidance of Damon Lindelof.

No plot details are available, but I'm a lover of Norse mythology and hope Snyder will look to adapt some of the greatest tales for the small screen. There's such a depth of character and adventure to be found that it could make for an exciting series. [THR]