'Wu Assassins' Trailer: Iko Uwais Is The Chosen One In Netflix's Fantasy/Martial Arts Series

Wu Assassins. I needs it. I needs it right now. The series had me from the moment it was announced that Iko Uwais, one of the best action stars on the planet, would be leading the Netflix series. Even if you haven't seen Uwais' work on The Raid or The Raid 2, just look at the kick-ass stuff he was able to do as actor and fight choreographer in Stuber. He made Stuber look pretty damned awesome. And now, we get to see what Uwais can do every single week.

The first trailer for Wu Assassins is here, and it's got all of the mystical martial arts action we could've hoped for. Uwais plays Kai Jin, a San Francisco chef who is imbued with ancient spiritual energy to combat the Chinese Triad as they pursue a deadly power.

Along with Uwais is a fun and lethal cast that includes Byron Mann as Uncle Six, Li Jun Li as Jenny Wah, Celia Au as Ying Ying, Lewis Tan as Lu Xin Lee , Lawrence Kao as Tommy Wah, Tommy Flanagan as Alec McCullough, Katheryn Winnick as Christine Gavin, Tzi Ma as Mr. Young, JuJu Chan as Zan, Summer Glau as Miss Jones, Robin McLeavy as Maggie McCullough, and Travis Caldwell as Gideon.

Wu Assassins is created by  John Wirth (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Tony Krantz (24), hitting Netflix on August 8th.