The Russos Are Teasing Something For Their Marvel Panel At Comic-Con

The Russo Brothers are teasing something big for their Comic-Con panel this week.

At least...I think they are??

The Avengers: Endgame directors are hosting a panel in Comic-Con's gigantic Hall H on Friday, July 19th, in wich they will probably demystify the movie a bit more and field questions about their time shaping the MCU. But in a new tweet, they're clearly hinting at something by playing audio from their last appearance in 2017 when they dropped the first-ever footage from Infinity War. I was there. Listen *really* close and you can hear me screaming like a mad man...

I don't know what this means, but it has to mean something, right? Or is it just my wishful thinking for some huge revelations next week? The actual Marvel Studios panel takes place the next day, and that's where we're likely to see a reveal of Phase 4, but might the Russos have something big to announce? Let's hope.