Taika Waititi Returning For 'Thor 4' As 'Akira' Crashes Yet Again

Even before Avengers: Infinity War, it seemed that Thor was the one original Avenger to have an extended lease on life. We knew Iron Man and Captain America would be written off at some point, while the Hulk is forever a supporting player at this point. Thor: Ragnarok, which gave the Asgardian thunder god a comedic spin and an entirely new status quo, felt like a launching pad for greater adventures. Well, Marvel has seen that, too, and that's why they're bringing the team back together on Thor 4.

For the first time, Marvel is going beyond three solo films with Thor 4, with Taika Waititi returning to write and direct. Because of the incredible reaction to Thor: Ragnarok there had been rumors Marvel and Waititi were interested in doing another, but until now the smart money was on something completely different. And if it wasn't clear, Hemsworth will be picking up the hammer once again.

So...wait, wasn't Waititi supposed to be busy on an Akira adaptation? Well...yeah, he WAS. Just when we started to think it might actually get made after all of these years of failure, THR says Warner Bros.' long-developing live-action film is on indefinite hold over "development concerns", whatever that means. They hope to keep Waititi attached until after he's done with Thor, which just goes to show this isn't a short-term problem they're dealing with.

Where does a Thor sequel go from here, anyway? Last we saw he was about to start an interstellar dick-measuring feud with Guardians of the Galaxy leader, Peter Quill. Assuming Thor 4 comes after Guardians 3, will he still be part of the team? Or will he return to Earth and rejoin New Asgard?  Maybe he truly separates himself from old ties and goes off onto truly new adventures?

No matter what comes next, this is good news to have Waititi back as part of the MCU.