Quentin Tarantino Is Cool With Retiring After His 'Star Trek' Movie

With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino will have directed nine movies, one short of the ten he talked about retiring after. As for what that final movie may be, the only thing he might have coming up is Star Trek, but surely he wouldn't' end his career on a studio franchise flick, right? It'd be one of his originals, wouldn't' it? Don't be so sure.

Speaking with Cinemablend, Tarantino talked about his R-rated Star Trek movie which, at this point, is only a possibility to happen. But if it does, the filmmaker might use it as a "loophole" film to get around his promised ten...or, he won't do that and simply walk away as promised.

"The idea was to throw a loophole into it,” Tarantino said. “Which would be [to go], ‘Uhhh, I guess Star Trek doesn’t count. I can do Star Trek…but naturally, I would end on an original.'” 

But the idea of doing ten isn’t to come up with a loophole,” he added. “I actually think, if I was going to do Star Trek, I should commit to it. It’s my last movie. There should be nothing left-handed about it. I don’t know if I’m going to do that, but that might happen.”

So the door is wide open here, and Tarantino could do just about anything. The real issue is whether Paramount moves forward on his Star Trek film, which we know will have a script by Mark L. Smith (The Revenant), and not Tarantino. It's unfathomable to me that he'd end on such a note, loophole or not. I mean...he's gotta make Kill Bill 3, right? Or is that just my wishful thinking?