Mahershala Ali Shows Respect To Original 'Blade' Star Wesley Snipes

For years it sounded as if Wesley Snipes may return to the role of Blade. Marvel Studios had regained the rights and Snipes talked frequently about discussions that could put him back in the cool shades and black leather. But over the weekend it was Mahershala Ali who was announced as starring in a new Blade movie, and Snipes responded in classy fashion, congratulating the Oscar winner.

Now, Ali has responded in kind over on his Instagram page. It's simple, effective, and yeah, pretty damn classy, too...

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That's right. Wesley's still the king.

It's a fair point, made simply, that fans upset over Snipes missing out should take note of. Nothing that comes next will take away from what Snipes did in three, I think, excellent Blade films. Without them, Marvel wouldn't even be thinking about Blade for Phase 5, Phase 6, or Phase anything.