'Madness In The Method' Trailer: Stan Lee Hurls Insults In Jason Mewes' Meta Directorial Debut

If Kevin Smith hadn't maxed out his credit cards and turned Clerks into one of the greatest indie successes of all-time, we would probably never have heard of Jason Mewes. He's largely built his career as the talkative one in the Jay & Silent Bob duo, while appearing in practically every movie Smith directs. Now after all of these years Mewes is stepping behind the camera for himself with Madness in the Method, and like his pal he's packed the cast with every name in the Rolodex.

Debuting at Comic-Con in a few days, Madness in the Method finds Mewes playing himself as he tries to break the stoner personal he's crafted for so long. An all-star cast of B-listers are on the scene to help him just do that, including Danny Trejo, Teri Hatcher, Casper Van Dien, Dean Cain, and Gina Carano. Of course, Kevin Smith shows up to help his buddy out, and so does Clerks star Brian O'Halloran. Most poignant of all is an appearance by the great Stan Lee, who Mewes previously appeared in Mallrats alongside.

This looks like it could be a lot of fun, but if not, at least we shouldn't have to wait long for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

Madness in the Method opens August 2nd.