'Happy Death Day' Director Makes Plea For Netflix To Save The Franchise

When Happy Death Day opened in 2017 it offered a unique, fun twist on the crowded horror-comedy genre, and audiences rewarded the small-budget film with $125M worldwide. Two years, the sequel Happy Death Day 2U flipped the script to a loosely sci-fi tone and it worked, but the $64M haul didn't reflect the positive reviews. While there's still some demand out there for a third movie, leading to some rumors to that effect, director Christopher Landon wants fans to know it ain't happening...unless a savior comes swooping in.

Landon hit Twitter and was adamant there would be no Happy Death Day 3, but he still wanted to make one last plea for Netflix to come to its rescue...

Since I keep reading stuff about it, I’ll say it loud: THERE IS NO HAPPY DEATH DAY 3 IN DEVELOPMENT. It’s just a rumor…unless @netflix wants to pony-up and finish this trilogy, it just ain’t happening"

Netflix has been known to save its share of troubled flicks, throwing down millions of dollars when other studios have turned their backs. But with the streaming juggernaut scaling things back a little, it's unlikely they'll take action here. That said, the cost would be minimal compared to their other acquisitions, so maybe Landon's plea will convince them? Anything as long as we get more of Jessica Rothe who has been giving some incredible performances.