Catherine Hardwicke To Direct Queer Viking Fantasy Film 'Heathen'

There's always been a demand for more female directors on fantasy/sci-fi projects, and Catherine Hardwicke is helping to make good on that. THR reports Hardwicke will direct Heathen, a female-led Viking film based on the Vault Comics title from Natasha Alterici.

Heathen follows Aydis, a young Viking warrior who reveals herself as queer which upsets the fierce Viking patriarchy. Ostracized from the culture she's always known, Aydis sets out to confront Odin, leader of Viking Gods. The film will be adapted by Kerry Williamson, best known for writing the Noomi Rapace sci-fi thriller What Happened to Monday.

Hardwicke is coming off the crime flick Miss Bala, and is one of the most respected directors in the business for her work on Twilight, Thirteen, and Lords of Dogtown.