'Sword Of Trust' Trailer: Marc Maron Has A Conspiracy Theory To Sell In Lynn Shelton's New Comedy

We live in a world in which conspiracy theory is king. Alex Jones has millions of followers peddling the idea of lizard people and Sandy Hook crisis actors. We still have people who believe Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States. And sad as this may be, it's also fertile territory for someone to make a really smart comedy about, and writer/director Lynn Shelton is very good at making smart comedies on touchy subjects.

The trailer for Shelton's upcoming film Sword of Trust has arrived, having debuted at SXSW just months ago. Marc Maron, Jillian Bell, Michaela Watkins, Jon Bass, Toby Huss, and Dan Bakkedahl star in the crazy story of four people who find a sword that may prove the South really won the Civil War, and of course there's a huge black market of conspiracy theorists and delusional Southerners interested in acquiring the item.

I love this idea and the trailer looks pretty funny, too. With a couple of minor exceptions (such as Laggies) Shelton makes reliably enjoyable and witty films. This looks like another we can add to that list.

Sword of Trust hits select theaters on July 12th before moving to VOD on July 19th.